MegaMouth® 2.0 with NEW Hex Thru-tube Rod and Lever-lock Pic Mount

Includes 40 yards of 200# line

(24 customer reviews)



Updated MegaMouth 2.0 Pic Mount! Learn More Here

Unlike other spincast bowfishing reels that are really just modified fishing reels, MegaMouth® was built from the ground up and strictly for bowfishing!

  • Buttonless FreeWheel® design – no way to accidentally shoot an unreleased reel
  • Ultra-wide MegaMouth® cone reduces friction and line-whip
  • Dual, no-fry stainless steel gears
  • FireFast retrieve – unmatched torque and fastest (28″ per crank) retrieve in the industry
  • Three solid axial pins engage more quickly and will not break
  • Quick-adjust drag that can be adjusted mid-fight
  • Adjustable T-Bar clutch
  • Power-crank big fish without concern thanks to drive shaft anti-reverse system
  • New & improved toolless, patented, hex-set thru-tube torque rod
  • New & improved hex, lever lock picatinny rail mount system allows toolless adjustment and removal (patent pending)
  • 40 yards of premium, pre-spooled 200# test line
  • Converts easily from right to left hand

WARNING – California Prop 65

If you are mounting to a G-Rex Bow you will also need to purchase the shorter stabilizer rod.
This item: MegaMouth® 2.0 with NEW Hex Thru-tube Rod and Lever-lock Pic Mount
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MegaMouth 2.0 Features

  • v2.0 UPDATED LINE SPOOL & BEARING - We’ve increased line capacity on the spool by reducing the diameter of the core.  v2.0 reels will have a new brass bearing in the spool.  This increased line capacity allows for an additional 10 yards of line.  All MegaMouth® version 2.0 reels now come with 40 yards of line installed. When purchasing a replacement line spool, be sure to look for the version 2.0 spools with 40 yards of line. The new line spool utilizes a new, smaller brass bearing. The original spool will not work with the version 2.0 reel. The original line spool utilizes a larger steel and black bearing.

  • v2.0 UPDATED TRANSMISSION- The transmission has been reengineered to accept the new line spool and modified line deflectors. When purchasing replacement line spools, be sure to look for the version 2.0 spools with 40 yards of line. Original MegaMouth® reels do NOT have the updated transmission and will NOT work with the v2.0 spools.
  • v2.0 FRONT LINE DEFLECTOR & SPRINGS- The front line deflector has been updated to include 3 boss pins which allow the new Boss Springs #4016 to twist onto. These new boss springs are heavier gauge wire and longer in length. They twist on to minimize loss when the line deflector is removed and have a much longer life.  Replacement springs #4016 can be purchased on our replacement parts page.

  • v2.0 REAR LINE DEFLECTOR- The MegaMouth® version 2.0 Rear Line Deflector has also been updated to include a larger transmission shaft surface area.  The extended transmission boss on the Rear Line Deflector uses up extra space from the smaller line spool bearing, creating more surface contact with the transmission, minimizing any side-to-side movement of the Line Deflectors.


Advantages of a MegaMouth Rod


Improves shoot-ability and reduces line twist which improves overall operation of the reel.




Toolless, quick-release lever fits into keyed slot and provides quick adjustment and removal. Patent Pending





Hex Thru-Tube rod has twelve positioning slots for fast removal and adjustment, even in the field.




A drilled and deburred hole is vibratory finished with a powder coat paint providing a smooth finish and full size hole diameter. Powder coating reduces line friction on the shot and a gives it a sleek look.




A patented hex shank provides easy location of center shot and eliminates unwanted rod rotation.





24 reviews for MegaMouth® 2.0 with NEW Hex Thru-tube Rod and Lever-lock Pic Mount

  1. Your review is awaiting approval

    It’s awesome ! Paired up to a Vader.

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  3. Your review is awaiting approval

  4. Your review is awaiting approval

    Game changer

  5. Your review is awaiting approval

  6. Your review is awaiting approval

    String was very twisted causing a break and a lost arrow but otherwise it’s the best reel I’ve used! Would recommend running line out and getting it untwisted and also lubricating.

  7. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Heavy duty

  8. Your review is awaiting approval

    Hey pay more and get less, what’s not to like. ☹️
    Less rails, had to buy a separate mount to work with my bow, what happened to the lights?

  9. Anonymous (verified owner)

  10. Trace Baumgart (verified owner)

  11. Your review is awaiting approval

    Been using this for little over a week and love it. The price was well worth it. Only thing I was disappointed by was how the line was spooled. Before going out I had to unspool all the line and respool it because it kept getting hung up every other 2-3 feet. Very small thing nothing to turn me away from the reel.

  12. MDB (verified owner)

    3 years into using the mega mouth and it has been flawless. I have zero complaints with this real. I would normally have gone through 6-9 of the well known spinning reels in this time. The mega mouth has more than paid for it’s self. BEST BOWFISHING REEL MONEY CAN BUY!

  13. TMU

    By far the BEST reel I have ever used. I use to burn through 3-4 reels a year, and now I don’t even had to worry about my reel at all. It is by far the strongest, most reliable reel that has ever been on the market. Had to call to make a change on my order and customer service was top notch. Well done MegaMouth!

  14. Donovan rate

    I will never use another reel for the rest of my life. This is the best piece of bowfishing equipment I have ever purchased. Literally my lively hood depends on my bowfishing equipment and I cannot compromise when it comes to the one thing that beings the fish to the boat. This reel is the real deal, but don’t take my word for it just check listen to all the owners of this reel. You couldn’t buy my reel back from me. Capt. Donovan Arrow Assault Bowfishing Miami FL.

  15. allanbrusky

    The Megamouth is one of my favorite reels I own. I would suggest it to anybody. Megamouth has had a few problems since they come out but they have gone far and beyond to fix the problems. I feel all companies that come out with new products have there share of problems also until they are out for awhile. Megamouth customer service is for sure there to make sure they get you back on the water. So if you have a problem with your reel make sure you get ahold of customer service first because they will help you out the fastest to get you back out.

  16. Rowdy Ditto

    Absolutely a amazing reel! In my opinion it is a true game changer. Bought mine about 2 weeks ago have over 100 fish with it and it hasn’t missed a beat. Love the way it free spools that resembles a bottle but has the pulling and fast retrieve capabilities of a spin-cast! Also the drag is unmatched, you can stop a 80lb fish in its tracks (as long as the arrow doesn’t pull out) or you can tune it where you can pull the largest fish out of theater with just a turn of a knob. Just a great reel I think it was money well spent if you spend a lot of time Bowfishing! If I could offer some critique about the reel it would be use a little better quality of line, I’m having trouble with it twisting up but nothing I can’t handle and the reel and mount is pretty heavy but doesn’t bother me really just some of my friends who shoot my bow say it’s heavy. I shoot a Oneida Osprey so you can imagine my setup! Keep making the best reel on the market Mega Mouth you have changed the game!

  17. Norm Dahl (verified owner)

    Ordered my Meg mouth last spring and through the last season it was used in killing 1000’s of #s of fish and I am now ruined. Other friends will use it on the boat and not one person has not liked the set up. Its currently on a 2018 Osprey but soon will be on G-rex.

    Love the Mega Mouth, Love made in America, Keep up the great products !!!

  18. Justen

    I pre-ordered one of the first reels to hit the public. she has been used and abused since day one all over Wisconsin and Illinois in different conditions. It was even used in January 2019 in Northern Illinois to shoot some buffs and commons. Great reel with plans of putting more on the bows for the family. This reel may not fit everyone’s budget. It makes life easier for sure on the boat and would highly recommend.

  19. Captain Cotten (verified owner)

    Ordered 4 of these bad boys in June. I charter all year long. have not had one problem with the reels as of yet.With these reels I may not need a deck hand anymore to help the customers get the fish in the boat. Im ordering 2 more today.

  20. Duffy (verified owner)

    Love it. Never thought about going to a spin cast till I saw this one.. shot it this weekend and i love it! Glad I upgraded from a bottle to this bad boy!

  21. Donovan

    Love this reel, I use it on my bowfishing charters where I take people brand new to the sport and have no issues with it for brand new bowfisherman. I have used every single reel on the market and own every one and have used them for customers but this one is different. I have yet to have a customer hurt this thing which for me means saving money on parts and time rebuilding reels. If your going back and forth on whether or not to get it just add up what you have spent on bowfishing thus far and realize this is just a drop in the bucket for the one thing that actually puts fish in the boat you spent tons of money on already. Put the money towards the one thing makes sense Your REEL.

  22. MDB (verified owner)

    Reel works as advertised. Took it out this weekend and shot 100+ tilapia. Had zero malfunctions and performed better than expected. Seems to be very durable and I saw no reason to believe it will not hold up. Very well thought out for dependability and ease of use. If it holds up for multiple seasons I feel it is well worth the $$. The only areas I see room for improvement are: A) seems to have a little slop in the gears. B) gear ratio is not quite right for me on the retrieve, seem a little to low. Probably not an issue for 98% of users, just my opinion. All in all, if you shoot a lot of fish regularly, I think this is the best reel on the market. Can’t wait to see how it performs over time.

  23. Steve

    Just got my megamouth and I love it. Brings in the line extremely fast and is great fighting fish with it! Highly recommend. It is pricey but you are getting your moneys worth out of it in my opinion.

  24. Austin Hoagland

    Very good product! Had a chance to look at it and use it at the 2018 nationals tournament, and it was far beyond my expectations. Felt wonderful to reel in, and the drag is phenomenal! Whoever the woman was that showed me the product just made a soon to be customer

  25. Pete White

    Well i bit the bait!!!! When are they getting shipped to the dealer? My name is on your list but my local dealer will have them before you will ship them to me so he got my order. WE would like an update. This reel looks so awesome it unbelievable! from your dates being pushed back over and over i think it might be unbelievable we will ever get them! Whats going on? we want updates!!!!!!!!!

    • MegaMouth Bowfishing (store manager)


      Authorized dealers should be receiving their orders tomorrow or Thursday.

      MegaMouth Bowfishing

  26. Patrick

    Nice looking reel

  27. John “Chief AJ” Huffer

    This reel sure hits the mark. Very glad it can go LH or RH

  28. John “Chief AJ” Huffer

    Send ASAP

  29. Nathan Miller

    Seems like a great product

  30. Nathan Miller

    Yet to use it but looks like a great product

  31. Wade Gautreaux

    Looks great. Would like to see mone videos of the reel in action. How soon will they available and
    (Will ya’ll have staff shooters) if the reel works like it is promoted I will give 5 stars. Need to shot with one.

  32. Jesse Hurst

    Looks legit. When they going to be available? Will you guys accept PayPal?

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