Original Line Spool with ELITE series 200# line – 30 yards

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For Original MegaMouth® reels:   Always make sure to have plenty of extra line in the boat so that your next bowfishing adventure doesn’t stop short. This line is already wound on the custom line spool for original MegaMouth® reels.  Simply swap out your old spool, reassemble and you’re ready to keep shooting fish.  This will not work with the v2.0 MegaMouth® reels.

This spool is only compatible with the Original MegaMouth® reels.  A v2.0 reel will be clearly marked with a 2.0 near the logo on the outer cone of the reel.  If the cone is not marked it will be considered an original.  Otherwise, remove the front assembly and check which bearing you have. A brass bearing indicates a v2.0 reel while a steel and black bearing indicate the original reel.

Replacement Instructions

  1. Remove the hex set torque rod by loosening the thumb screws on the front of the picatinny tube and pull torque rod out.
  2. Twist cone counterclockwise and pull to remove.
  3. Unthread front end cap nut counterclockwise.
  4. Pull off the front line deflector being careful to retain all 3 springs.
  5. Remove the front transmission e-clip by hand or with a pliers.
  6. Pull off the rear line deflector.
  7. Remove the entire spool of line and bearing.
  8. Remove the old bearing from the old line spool and reuse.
  9. Insert old bearing into new line spool.
  10. Install new line spool with the grooved bottom side down and the smooth surface up.

WARNING – California Prop 65

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