Quad-Lock™ Arrow Lava Crux



  • Premium Lava Crux® arrow shaft has solid carbon core wrapped in fiberglass
  • 4 super strong, heat-treated (hardened) barbs provide a 2” by 2.5” diameter holding area when engaged with a fish
  • Two shorter barbs provide quick engage penetration, while two longer barbs compliment them with 2.5″ of complete lock-down, fish hauling power
  • Barbs collapse on the shot for maximum penetration
  • Cyclone® spiraled replaceable tip with standard ¼”-28 thread
  • Quick shaft-turn, slime-free barb release. Turn shaft a few turns to release
  • 5/16” diameter shaft, 32” in length
  • AMS EverGlide® Safety Slide® already installed
  • Ready-to-shoot
  • Made in the USA
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The premium Lava Crux® is an AMS exclusive arrow shaft that consists of a solid carbon core wrapped with high grade fiberglass. This combination creates an arrow with more spine for nearly perfect arrow flight. Those shooting a higher draw weight will appreciate a more stable, accurate shot.

The Quad-Lock™ from MegaMouth® Bowfishing is the ultimate 4-barb point when it comes to lock-down, power grabbing performance. Two shorter, quick engage barbs lock in with 2” of holding power. They are complimented by two longer barbs that lock in with 2.5” of holding power. The short body and four collapsing barbs make an exceptionally small entry hole on the shot and offer maximum penetration. Just turn the arrow shaft a few turns when the point is engaged, and the barbs will release. This arrow is completely assembled and ready-to-shoot. The EverGlide® Safety Slide® system is also fully installed.  Just tie your line to the slide and go shoot some fish!