MegaMouth Trade-Up Form

MegaMouth Trade-Up Event

For a limited time, trade-up any working condition competitor bowfishing reels and receive up to $75 off of a brand new MegaMouth Bowfishing Reel!

Complete this form and submit it by May 22nd! (we do not need to receive reels by May 22nd, just this form).

1. Fill out this online form. Submit it to us, and print yourself a copy.

2. Once we receive form, we will email you a shipping label. Slap label on box of reels you are trading up, include printed out form in box, and take box of reels to UPS drop off location.

3. Once we receive your box of working condition trade up reels, we will verify the count, and email you a one-time use discount code valid for a MegaMouth reel purchase. Discount code amount will depend on how many competitor reels you send in. (one reel - $15 off, two reels - $30 off, three reels - $45 off, four reels - $60 off, five reels - $75 off.) MAXIMUM OF 5 REELS - $75 OFF!

Please Read Important Program Information

  • We must receive your trade up reels within 2 weeks of your submission form in order for you to receive the discount code.
  • MegaMouth has has the right to refuse non competitor reels that don't meet proper requirements.
  • Trade up reels received by MegaMouth will become property of MegaMouth and will not be returned under any circumstance.